Enterprise Products

Market smarter and save energy with Beanstalk Engage™, designed to meet the unique needs of the B2C marketer like you.

Customer Relationship Manager (CRM)

Build a strong foundation for all your marketing efforts, starting with collecting your customer data. Designed for consumer-facing industries, our realtime CRM allows you to aggregate ALL of your customer data into a single location. Our omnichannel approach enables robust features from mobile ordering to social media and more while simultaneously creating master customer records. Keep track of your customer activity and engagement to better understand how to market your business.

Campaign Management

Increase effectiveness by harnessing data from all your consumer channels. Connect to your customers in the way that they want to hear from you, whether email, social media or text. Our campaign management tool makes even the most complex campaign rules simple to manage with automated actions and integrated realtime messaging.

Customer journey: automated campaign programs defined specifically for the client's needs.
Blast: one-off campaigns that are sent to the client's customer base for short term Marketing calendar purposes.

Stored Value / Gift

Offer your customers best-in-class gifting whether in-store, online, and mobile wallet through one effortless program? Your gift card recipients spend, on average, 40 percent more in your business than the face value of their gift cards. Plus, our team will work with you to coordinate any conversion, settlement, or marketing programs—we’re industry experts.

Local Store Marketing (LSM)

Enable your locations to market locally while still controlling your overall branding. Beanstalk Engage allows you to set up your marketing assets, store to regional hierarchies, and centralized user access at the corporate level. Corporate marketing retains full access while location managers can segment within their sites and leverage an easy-to-use template wizard.


There's no question that a well-executed rewards program is an effective way to build brand affinity. In fact, rewards program members spend between 30 to 100 percent more than non-member customers. From VIP to experiential rewards, our flexible engine can offer options as unique as your business.

Tracking & Engagement Scoring

Whether a customer clicks through an email or fills out a digital form, you’ll know it. Plus, your transactional card processing data will provide you with meaningful analytics and views into day-to-day operations. By tracking every anonymous individual, uniquely, while unifying their detailed data record, you can leverage this robust activity tracking and scoring to generate engagement scores for every customer.

Talk to Us

Customer dialogue is vital to engagement but it's challenging to manage responding when it's coming from so many places. Whether a guest wants to compliment, complain or express interest in another area of your business, our smart tool routes that feedback to the right person seamlessly.